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Emmanuelle Alt At Roitfeld's Last Vogue Paris Party

I noticed that photographs of Emmanuelle Alt attending Carine Roitfeld's final Vogue Paris party were slow to surface but any rumors of a rift between the two are silly. Of course Emmanuelle was on hand for Carine's farewell bash, the duo have worked together for decades... I love how the various black textures work together in her outfit here. She excels at dressing for emphasis, her legs appear so tiny beneath that enormous fur. What do you think of Emmanuelle's look for the party?

Emmanuelle Alt at Vogue Paris/Gucci party © 2011 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Lula As Emmanuelle Alt

My lovely friend and fashion icon Lula at The Subject I Know Best turned her talented pen to the subject of Emmanuelle Alt, illustrating the new editor-in-chief for Vogue Paris dressed in her signature rock 'n' roll chic. Lula captured the insouciant spirit of Emmanuelle perfectly with her sharp shoulders and tousled hair just so. Merci beaucoup, Lula, très sympa !

Fashion illustrations © 2011 Lula — The Subject I Know Best. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt: 20 Ans Top Ten

Emmanuelle Alt worked with Carine Roitfeld prior to Vogue Paris at the magazine 20 Ans in the Nineties, a publication reputed for the ability to spot burgeoning talent at that time. As fashion coordinator, 20 Ans asked Emmanuelle to describe her top ten fashion favorites. It is interesting to look back and see which of her preferences have endured. Here are Emmanuelle's favorites in both French and English (by the way, I have officially stopped worrying about wearing too much black):

  1. Les tongs en plastique noir, c'est facile, chic et sexy.
  2. Des collants noirs en microfibre Wolford (à cause d'une sublime campagne de Newton).
  3. Le pantalon noir Helmut Lang, parce qu'il est indémodable, taille basse, ni large, ni moulant.
  4. Je n'en porte pas mais, de temps en temps, une jupe Ann Demeulemeester noire parfaitement coupée, pieds nus avec les jambes obligatoirement bronzées.
  5. Le manteau noir Costume National, minuscule carrure, un style couture moderne.
  6. Le soutien-gorge Glossies de Gossard, sublime, couleur noir ou chair, comme un collant, sans couture.
  7. Le tshirt noir APC manches courtes, parce qu'il est petit, qu'il ressemble à un tshrt 1970 et qu'il vieillit bien.
  8. Les lunettes mouche noires d'Armani, genre Bono de U2.
  9. La montre Rolex modèle Air King car on n'a jamais fait mieux.
  10. Une robe longue noire Galliano, chic sans être mémère, sexy, pure, avec des sandales talons Manolo Blahnik.
  1. Black plastic flip flops, easy, chic, and sexy.
  2. Black stockings by Wolford (because of the sublime campaign by Newton).
  3. Black trousers by Helmut Lang, because they are timeless and low waisted, loose fitting but not too loose.
  4. I don’t wear them [skirts] but from time to time a black Ann Demeulemeester skirt cut perfectly, barefoot, and the legs must be tan.
  5. Black coat by Costume National, tiny cut, totally modern.
  6. Glossies bra by Gossard, amazing, in either black or beige, like tights, seamless.
  7. Black short-sleeved tshirt by APC, because it is small, it looks like a tshirt from the 1970s and it ages well.
  8. Black sunglasses by Armani, like Bono of U2.
  9. Air King watch by Rolex because they do not make one better.
  10. Long black dress by Galliano, chic without being granny, sexy, pure with Manolo Blahnik heels.

Emmanuelle Alt interview © 2010 20 Ans. All Rights Reserved.


I Want To Be An Alt

At first I stubbornly resisted this idea, but the day that Emmanuelle Alt was announced as the next editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris I had to look at myself and laugh. What did I happen to wear that day? Grey skinny jeans tucked into worn Harley Davidson boots, a blue and white pinstriped shirt untucked beneath a vintage black velvet jacket with the cuffs rolled... I was accidentally channeling the style of Emmanuelle Alt and not my idol, Carine Roitfeld! Clearly my heart belongs to the Roitfeld family but just as steadily as the refrain "I Want To Be A Roitfeld" played in my mind, my fascination with Emmanuelle Alt has grown and I am increasingly curious to see her Vogue Paris. I will always want to be a Roitfeld but at the same time a part of me is screaming, "I Want To Be An Alt!" Let us see where the freshly anointed queen of Parisian rock 'n' roll chic takes us...

Special thanks to Pierre-Alban HF from The Crowd for his kind permission to use this striking photograph of Emmanuelle, visit his blog for more lovely shots of Paris street fashion.

Emmanuelle Alt photograph © 2011 Pierre-Alban HF. All Rights Reserved.

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