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New Editors At I Want To Be An Alt

I am thrilled beyond belief to announce the addition of two editorial powerhouses here at I Want To Be An Alt — Kate Ringo Suzuki, our new editor-at-large in New York, and Milla Msa, our new editor-at-large in Paris. I hope that you are already familiar with these talented women from their guest posts on I Want To Be A Roitfeld as well as their own blogs, Milla's fantastic Not Just Another Milla and Kate's fabulous Everyday Glamour. Both will now be providing content for the site more regularly so look forward to reading more wonderful words from them. In case you do need an introduction, here are brief ones adapted from each of their blogs.

Kate Ringo SuzukiKate Ringo Suzuki is a personal stylist in New York City who enjoys helping women who love fashion make the most of their wardrobes (She has been known to help their husbands, too). Kate concentrates on an evolution of style for each client showing fashion lovers how to put together new combinations from pieces they already own; develop a collection of amazing outfits that work for different times, places, and occasions (T.P.O. for short); and feel truly confident about how they present themselves at all times.

Milla Msa

Milla Msa, a Parisian by marriage and a Londoner at heart, currently lives in the beautiful 5th arrondissement. When not in the kitchen pretending to be the eternally fabulous Nigella Lawson, Milla spends her time exploring the City of Light, wishing she could call Galeries Lafayette “home”, hunting for the perfect macaron, practising her Japanese on unsuspecting tourists whilst wondering why the French don’t smile, and wishing she had shares in Bottega Veneta. A woman can only dream...

I hope you will join me in officially welcoming Milla and Kate to the site... Looking forward to much more fashion and fun with all of you!


Kate Ringo Suzuki photograph © 2010 Kate Ringo Suzuki. Milla Msa photograph © 2010 Milla Msa. All Rights Reserved.


Alt And Roitfeld Estranged

The New York Times recently published a story, "New Star in the Front Row," a tragic tale of the break up of the new editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt, and her predecessor, Carine Roitfeld. I guess whatever went down at Condé Nast was too great a burden for the relationship to bear though Emmanuelle still spoke well of her former boss in the interview. Also mentioned in the story — I Want To Be A Roitfeld as well as this site though not by name. Kind thanks to Cathy Horyn for making the first media mention of I Want To Be An Alt truly special.

Pierre-Alban HF from The Crowd graciously shared with us these photos of Emmanuelle and Carine together at Paris Fashion Week last autumn. Follow Pierre at The Crowd during the upcoming season in Paris for more fabulous Fashion Week photos. Merci beaucoup, Pierre !

Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld photographs © 2011 Pierre-Alban HF. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt In Vogue US

In a delightful interview with Vogue US, Emmanuelle Alt shares her views on everything from Coca Light avec glace to transforming Vogue Paris... très intéressant...

On How She Sees Vogue Paris — For Now

“I want to keep the quality, the photographers we work with — David [Sims], Mert and Marcus, Mario [Testino], and Bruce Weber. I don’t think there should be radical changes. The magazine should still be chic and sophisticated. It’s a bit like buying an apartment: Before you move in, you have all these plans of what you are going to do, but then you get there, and you realize it is better to spend time living in it, and transforming it over time. I’d like there to be more beauty trends; there was so much of that in Vogue back in the eighties. And how people are living; there are so many interesting, cool people here, and they should be in the magazine. More French girls, more French lifestyle. And I am going to keep shooting for the magazine — hopefully a story every issue. I do project myself in my pictures, even if I would never wear what I shoot. Actually, most of the time I definitely wouldn’t. I always want a relationship with reality: nothing too sexy, or provocative, or fashion victim. Even if I love to dream, I want the magazine to feature a girl who looks like she belongs in real life. We are French — we can show smoking, nudity. We have no boundaries, and it can be good to have them."

Among other endearing revelations, the new editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris admits that her favorite models are Daria Werbowy and Kate Moss and that in her free time she frequents the tennis court with her six-year-old daughter, “I spend all my weekends with the kids [Antonin, 13, and Françoise, 6]. It’s that culpability of having been working at the magazine all week. Françoise is a good tennis player, so we do that. It goes so fast. A weekend is like ten minutes for me."

Read the full interview

Emmanuelle Alt photograph by Garance Doré. © 2011 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Alt/Saglio: Quotes + Citations

This cool artist's book, Alt/Saglio: Quotes + Citations, focuses on street photographs of Vogue Paris editors Emmanuelle Alt and Géraldine Saglio pictured alongside quotations from an eclectic array of sources ranging from Bruce Willis to Albert Einstein. The creator of the book, Wynn Dan, kindly offered to send me a copy so I will share further details once I have reviewed it. If you are interested, Alt/Saglio: Quotes + Citations is available via Colette, reach them directly at 01 55 35 33 90 or contact@colette.fr. Other artist's books published by Monsieur Dan include 100 Pages: Words + Pictures, Text\Image Collection, Typo Graphic Foto Graphic, Yabe Project, Graphic Paintings, and Camille Bidault-Waddington.

To learn more about Wynn Dan, read the IWTB Interview as conducted by Heather Dunhill

Alt/Saglio: Quotes + Citations cover image © 2010 Wynn Dan. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt: Androgyne

Now for something completely different!

I wanted to talk to you about an editorial styled by Emmanuelle Alt for Vogue Paris in October 2010 titled "Androgyne." Since you are not here, I had a chat with my delightful beau about the images figuring that would give us all the male and female perspective on Emmanuelle's androgynous styling choices. We managed a few words before heading straight for our shared passion, music. But let me know what you think of "Androgyne," I am interested in your thoughts — let's chat...

Kellina's favorite

mtm: Is this Emmanuelle's "thing" — androgynous fashion? I mean I see her wearing guys' jackets and jeans a lot... I hope there's more to her than that or it might get old.

kdb: shake shake shake shake shake shake shake your booty

kdb: nice, starting with a controversial lob. Emmanuelle's "thing" as you say is certainly an androgynous cool. I think she styles looks that are more feminine at times but they still have that rock 'n' roll edge which many perceive as androg

mtm: what would you say Carine's "thing" was at Vogue Paris — her trademark if you will?

kdb: Carine also has a nice rock chic vibe but with the emphasis on chic and not rock. She adds rock for flair, while i see Emmanuelle as rock based which happens to be v chic.

Michel's image of David Bowie

mtm: Ah. So Carine's a poseur and Emmanuelle's a real punk (jk!)

kdb: Heh hardly

kdb: Since they both wear fabulous jackets and shoes, one key difference is that Carine only wears skirts and Emmanuelle only wears pants. I often wondered if they did this intentionally... Whatever the impetus, pants are naturally seen as more masculine.

mtm: From what I've seen, Emmanuelle definitely has a lot of both sexes mixed in to her stuff... much more so than Carine

kdb: you mean our girl CR didn't get into the manly stuff?

mtm: maybe so... Just from what i've seen... Emmanuelle mixes the genders up more than Carine (not that Carine didn't do this on occasion)

mtm: anyway... on to those pictures.

mtm: you can't tell me she wasn't channelling David Bowie from the Man Who Fell To Earth

Kellina's image of David Bowie

kdb: ouai ! clearly. i hope she doesn't take my idea for a halloween costume (sssh)

kdb: different shoes though

mtm: well i love her if she lists david bowie as one of her influences

kdb: cool then lets say she did

mtm: although i do think he's an alien or something. the dude doesn't age.

kdb: much like say, CR?

mtm: LOL, yes, David Bowie and Carine Roitfeld are from the same planet!

kdb: LOL yes.

Michel's favoriteVogue Paris editorial images © 2010 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved. David Bowie images courtesy of virginmedia.com and frogflicks.com