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Emmanuelle Alt At New York Fashion Week

Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt attended her first New York Fashion Week since assuming her new role and she looked smashing throughout, braving the cold in a chic array of furs, wool, jeans, and boots. Emmanuelle is pictured wearing a gorgeous fur from the Fall 2009 collection of Isabel Marant, she and Géraldine Saglio look as if they are up to mischief with their cute little smiles. What were Emmanuelle's thoughts on the shows? After her first day at Fashion Week, she told The Cut, "I saw great shows today," including Alexander Wang, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, and Altuzarra. "I really liked all the eveningwear [at Altuzarra] and all the grungy stuff at the beginning. I think it's photogenic. I like that there is hair everywhere. They're all doing stuff with hair — it's funny."  Visit the photo gallery for more lovely shots of Emmanuelle enjoying her debut Fashion Week as reigning editrix...

Emmanuelle Alt and Géraldine Saglio photographs courtesy of rodeo.net and © 2011 Stefania Yarhi


Emmanuelle Alt’s True Style

I am excited to post the first article contributed by Kate Ringo Suzuki, our brand new editor-at-large in New York, in which she coolly analyzes the rock style of Emmanuelle Alt. Read on for a funny look at how Emmanuelle handles life with fewer cakes than Kim Kardashian and how you can, too. No really... it's all in the schnoz...

This marks a groundbreaking day for Everyday Glamour — the first official guest post for I Want To Be An Alt. So you must take me very seriously. Because fashion is a very serious topic.

Today we will be breaking down the style of Ms. Emmanuelle Alt, the newly appointed Vogue Paris editor-in-chief. You may wonder, “Who is this lanky, cool, edgy chick, all shoulders and legs? What is behind that Mona Lisa smile of hers?” Ms. Alt has been praised and analyzed and generally exalted across the blogosphere for her insoucient rock chic style. She is known for wearing skinny jeans, high heels, and leather. In that order.

So you want to get style like that? You want the formula? Then be an original and carry yourself with extreme confidence. Maybe you were hoping I would just tell you to copy whatever she wears. That is an option, but you will never get the essence of her style that way. You can’t. Unless your name is Emmanuelle Alt and you happen to be the reigning editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, then you can’t actually have her style. You will be merely a cheap imitation. OOOOO, snap!!!

To be an original. It all sounds so difficult. But it is not that hard, I promise. Just wear what suits you. That is what Everyday Glamour Chicks (E.G.C.s) do — they highlight their strengths. And that is exactly what Emmanuelle Alt is doing when she is getting dressed in the morning. She is not crying because she can’t fill out a pencil skirt like Kim Kardashian. You don’t see her eating sausage in a vain effort to maximize her gluteus. No, she wisely shrugs her shoulders and puts on a pair of skinny jeans. She knows better. She knows that just because she doesn’t have more cakes than Duncan Hines, that doesn’t make her any less alluring than Miss Kim.

Emmanuelle Alt stays true to herself. She will never run to the plastic surgeon’s office so that she can finally wear a plunging neckline, lean over some nice hot bouillabaisse, bring it up to her lips, and then blow. She understands that her money is much better spent on very expensive clothes. Like black Helmut Lang trousers. And black APC tshirts. (I’m pretty sure that the APC tshirts don’t come in a three-pack.)

Emmanuelle Alt highlights her strengths. Which happen to be very, very long legs. Oh, and broad shoulders. But mainly long legs. Impossible legs. Legs of dreams. And she is very “in your face” about it all too. She wears sky-high heels to add insult to injury. As if to taunt you, “Ha, ha, see these legs? Huh? Huh? See ‘em? Yeah, I’m gonna add some high heels!” But no, Emmanuelle would never taunt. She just flashes her Mona Lisa smile.

You may be wondering what your best feature is. Do you have legs like Emmanuelle? An ass like Kim? What are your assets? What makes you stand out? If you are wondering, then I will give you a little tip: it is probably something that you hate. Like a big nose, for example. If you have a schnoz, then it needs to be highlighted. It is what makes you unique! You need to put that schnoz on a pedestal and make it a shining beacon of personal style. So pull back your hair and pencil in your brows. Or get a geometric haircut.

Whatever your strength is, display it proudly. And don’t forget to add the best accessory, the pièce de résistance — a Mona Lisa smile.

Follow Kate on Everyday Glamour for more fashionable fun.

Emmanuelle Alt photographs courtesy of fashion.telegraph.co.uk and frockshopstyle.com


Maggie Alderson Deconstructs Emmanuelle Alt

We may never know the secret to Emmanuelle Alt's je ne sais quoi, but Maggie Alderson will make you laugh while she attempts to find out in her article "The Rules: The key to smart casual is quality." Maggie kindly linked to the site and even thought highly enough of my 20 Ans translation to reprint it in her article. Merci beaucoup, Maggie !

Emmanuelle Alt image © 2011 Maggie Alderson. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt: Girl Meets Boy

I Want To Be An Alt wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day from all of us! The new editorial team pooled our thoughts on "Girl Meets Boy" from the June 2010 issue of Vogue Paris; read more below. Emmanuelle Alt styled the editorial featuring model Raquel Zimmermann and David Sims shot the photographs. What is your take on "Girl Meets Boy"?

KATE: The girl meets the boy but then where did she go? There is very little softness here. Some of the pictures do manage to project a strong and sexy brand of femininity. But for the most part I'm not feeling the whole "A Flock of Seagulls" meets "Duckie" meets "Andrew Dice Clay" vibe... And yes, I happened to love that movie, Pretty in Pink.

KELLINA: Hmmm, perhaps we need to know more about Emmanuelle's vision for the piece... "Lorsque les jolies filles jouent aux auvais garçons... Un rock around the jean aux airs androgynes à incarner avec humour et multi-attribut street masculins." or in English, "When pretty girls play with bad boys... A rock around the jeans with an androgynous air that embodies the masculine street vibe with humor." I think the goodness here is in the details that Emmanuelle chose to set the scene — the hats, the suspenders, the ties with clips, the loafers with jeans rolled just so, against the oodles of jewelry, the polished makeup, and the manicured nails. Love especially those Eddie Borgo bracelets. Also love that Emmanuelle managed to work within the subdued duotone palette throughout the editorial.

MILLA: "Boy Seeks Girl” would be a far better title as Emmanuelle's love of jeans and androgynous vibe takes over. There is nothing feminine, pretty, or even sexy here. Perfect for the “too-cool-for-school” lot, but no, this does nothing for me. Raquel Zimmermann's Brazilian curves have been overshadowed by a 70s rock chick from the projects!

For more fashionable Valentine's Day sweetness, check out "Tango des Passions" as styled by Carine Roitfeld on I Want To Be A Roitfeld  or "Valentine's Day Treatise" on Everyday Glamour.

Vogue Paris editorial images © 2010 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Emmanuelle Alt In The Daily Front Row

The Daily Front Row dated February 12-13 promises "Undressing Emmanuelle...  All you wanted to know about the French Vogue editrix but were afraid to ask" although the entire article seems to be the culmination of research rather than an actual interview. They touch on fun tidbits such as quotes and editorials contrasting Emmanuelle Alt's style with that of Carine Roitfeld, her education at Lubeck School, her career highlights, her chic spots in Paris, and her favorite accessories — her BlackBerry and her earphones. I love this quote by Martine de Menthon, former fashion director for Vogue Paris, "My first memory of Emmanuelle Alt in the mid-90s is the one of a mischievous visitor coming regularly in the Vogue Paris office... observing, joking, becoming a member of the group. Un belle carrière bien menée."

Download "Undressing Emmanuelle..."

Emmanuelle Alt images © 2011 Daily Front Row. All Rights Reserved.