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David Bowie

Does Emmanuelle Alt ever wonder, “Is there life on Mars?” My guess is yes, she does wonder if there is life on Mars, where everything is strange and unfamiliar, and by the way, if so, do they have time-shares? Her love of all things David Bowie would point to that. Mercurial and otherworldly, Bowie continually reinvents himself and his music. What remains immutable about his work is his poetic intensity and his striking visual presentation.

It is no secret that Emmanuelle Alt takes inspiration from the incomparable David Bowie. Take a look at one of Alt’s editorials for Vogue Paris from October of 2010, back when Carine Roitfeld was still at the helm, entitled "Androgyne." If you peer closely, don’t tell me you can’t see the Thin White Duke in there posing.

Four months later, Emmanuelle took the reigns as editor-in-chief and immediately tricked out her chic Vogue Paris office with an iPod sound system. She rocks out as she works, mostly to 80s influenced fare, and the music of David Bowie is on heavy rotation.

Perhaps Emmanuelle Alt and David Bowie share the same alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. The essence of Bowie made a grand entrance on the cover of the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Vogue Paris, for which Emmanuelle appointed the high-cheekboned, red-shagged Kate Moss to channel Ziggy Stardust with an eery similarity.

As an added bonus to devoted Vogue Paris readers, that same issue, dubbed the “music issue” revealed a playlist of Emmanuelle’s favorite songs on the magazine's site. Obviously her beloved David Bowie made her list of favorites twice with "Let’s Dance" and "Dancing in the Street."

An even stranger twist in all of this Bowie worship is that Emmanuelle not only hires Kate Moss to impersonate Ziggy Stardust for the cover of her magazine, she also hangs out with Kate on her down time, dancing and singing karaoke. I bet they can belt out a mean “Under Pressure” together.

Finally, there is Emmanuelle’s personal style, an andro-cool, rock based presence that obviously pays tribute to the androgyny of David Bowie. She trusses her enviably long, skinny legs in tight black Topshop jeans and frequently tops it off with an au courant designer jacket, sporting the newest incarnation of masculin. Of course, Ziggy Stardust is much more flamboyant than Emmanuelle Alt. After all, no one can rock a red shag and blue eyeshadow quite like Ziggy. Except perhaps Kate Moss, that is. Rock on!

Emmanuelle Alt/David Bowie photos courtesy of, Condé Nast,,, Fashion Spot.

Reader Comments (2)

wowza, kate! I absolutely love this post...u completely nailed it in understanding emmanuelle alt's rock and roll influence. recently, I have been thinking about what an impact david bowie has been having on emmanuelle alt so this was a total joy to read! love that you are able too see all that she is inspired by!. fab work, as always! :)
16 juin 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdara
AW, thank you so much, Dara! I had a lot of fun writing this. :)
16 juin 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKate

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