Le Crazy Horse De Paris
dimanche 16 d├ęcembre 2012
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Emmanuelle Alt certainly knows how to show out-of-town guests a good time: she turns visitors on to Paris with a stop at one her favorite strip clubs, Le Crazy Horse de Paris. The quintessential Parisian cabaret, Le Crazy Horse de Paris was opened in 1951 by Alain Bernardin and is famous for the most chic nude dancing in the world. The erotic venue was documented in the film Crazy Horse by Frederck Wiseman last year and the dancers were immortalized in song by Mötley Crüe with their boisterous glam rock standard “Girls, Girls, Girls.” Located at 12 Avenue George V, Le Crazy Horse distinguishes itself from the average strip club with its attention to detail in cast selection, choreography, and lighting. Bernadin explains his vision for the club: "Magic is a dream. There is no show that is more dreamlike than a magic show. And what we do with the girls is magic, too, because they aren't as beautiful as you see them onstage. It's the magic of lights and costumes. These are my dreams and fascinations that I put onstage." If you are in the mood for audacious femininity and highly aesthetic stripping while in Paris, be sure to check out the legendary Le Crazy Horse… perhaps you will even see Emmanuelle Alt enjoying the show at the next table…

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Le Crazy Horse de Paris photographs courtesy of Antoine Poupel/Zipporah Films.

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